Key Personnel

Tony Parham  Managing Director, Founder
Candice Alexander Communications, Marketing, Advertising, Competitive Analysis
Joseph Ardayfio Intellectual Property, Project Management, Motivational Speaking
Bill Bean Strategy, Organizational Change, Economic Development
Peter Cohen Marketing & Sales Strategy, Software-as-a-Service
Patricia Duarte Human Resources Management
Ed Gaskin Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing
Mark Hodapp Techincal Strategy, Software-as-a-Service, Change Management
Jeff Kaplan Software-as-a-Service,  Market research
David Parham Real estate property management
Ron Pemberton Marketing and Sales to Enterprises, Government Agencies
Imran Qidwai
Technology development, Outsourcing
James Ringrose        Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Sales, Web-marketing, Technologist
Jim Robinson  Capital Acquisition, Business Development, Finance, Marketing
Joan Spindel Marketing Management, Strategy, Change Management
Paul Spindel IT General Management, Operations, Strategy, Design